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Goal: $10,000

5 Years in Action

We cater for the needs of street children & promote good health and well being in rural communities.

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Rural Sexual Health Education Project

Rural Sexual Health Education Project whereby students in rural communities are educated on their sexual health , the adolescent girls being educated on menstrual hygiene and the need for abstinence to reduce teenage pregnancies and donations of free menstrual pads are distributed to them. Eleven rural communities have been visited so far and a donation 1100 menstrual pads have been donated. ​

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Make Me Smile Street Children Tour

Make Me Smile Street Children Tour as street children are fed , clothed and others put into schools for their well-being. So far, a number of 500 street children have been fed and clothed, and 4 of them put into school.

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Juaben Serwaa Talent Development Initiative

Juaben Serwaa Talent Development Initiative is a mentoring program for students to equip, train and develop their God-given talents to enhance their growth and development. This initiative has been launched in two communities schools now thus Sakora Wonoo SDA school and Oyoko D/A school with a total number of 100 students.

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We have gathered many beautiful moments during our journey

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No child deserves to suffer irrespective of the poor choices and decisions of their parents. Some are suffering for losing their parents, and others born into poverty

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